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Last Updated March 29, 2000

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New - Release 4.1! BlueFax is a turnkey fax solution for the AS/400 that supports sending, receiving and printing of fax documents. And now, with the optional BlueMail module, you can also distribute your reports as E-mail attachments; all in one easy to use package.

This new release provides your AS/400 installation with all of the fax features you and your users may need. From faxing an individual spool file entry, to faxing documents to your customers, to supporting your PC client users with outbound fax services from their desktop environments .... BlueFax Release 4.1 has it all. When you add the optional BlueMail support, you have a comprehensive AS/400 report distribution solution too.

First, your users can send any AS/400 print spool file as a fax using BlueFax. Any AS/400 terminal user can send faxes individually or automatically to a predetermined location. With a few simple changes, your system applications can even create output directly to fax. You can send faxes on plain paper or you can merge the information from your spool file with a forms overlay to produce a fax document that looks just like your company forms. With this feature, you can send invoices, statements, purchase orders and more directly from your application programs.

Faxes can also be sent from attached PC's. Release 4.1 of BlueFax supports full PC client fax server functions. This enables your PC users to send faxes directly from their favorite wordprocessing software, spreadsheet software, database software and more. Any Windows PC client can use the fax sever features.

BlueFax is a turnkey fax product. No special hardware is needed for the AS/400. The only prerequisite is a communications port and a telephone line. BlueFax comes packaged with a fax modem. All you need to do to start sending faxes directly from your AS/400 is load the software, attach the modem to the system and plug in the phone line. Typical installation time is around 20 minutes.

BlueFax can send output from existing AS/400 applications with little or no programming changes. The outbound fax capability is very fast and uses little system overhead. Support is included for adding logos and signatures to outbound faxes. Faxes can be sent to individual fax destinations or to a list of destinations in a distribution list.

In addition to sending faxes, BlueFax supports receiving, storing and printing faxes. To print faxes, an attached HP LaserJet PC printer (HP III or higher, or an equivalent printer) is required. The printer can be attached to a PC running Client Access/400 or to the printer port on a dual-session terminal. Faxes can also be viewed using the BlueFax Client Software.

BlueFax Release 4.1 features:
  • Installs in 20 minutes or less
  • Send faxes directly from any terminal session
  • Optional BlueMail add-on lets you send your reports as E-mail as well
  • Full PC Fax Server capability for Win95, Win98 and WinNT using BlueFax Client 2000 software on your PC.
  • Any PC attached to your AS/400 can create printed output and send it as a fax through BlueFax Client 2000
  • Forms Overlay support allows you to fax invoice forms, statements, purchase orders and more from your AS/400 applications
  • Forms Overlays can be automatically linked with a FORMTYPE
  • Faxes can be automatically routed by associating a destination fax number with a specific output queue
  • Support now included for the IBM 7852-400 "Option" Data/Fax modem
  • BlueFax Client 2000 does NOT require Client Access to be installed on the same PC
  • Automatic alerts sent to users when fax transmission completes or ends in error
  • Automatic font selection simplifies setting up outbound faxes
  • Automatic Landscape/Portrait selection for outbound faxes
  • Include your company logo on fax notes
  • Support for optional cover sheets with standard or customized text and graphics
  • Works with most existing applications with little or no modifications required
  • Runs very fast and uses little system resource
  • Easy to use for any terminal operator
  • Include logos and signatures for use in documents from AS/400 spool
  • Support included for Fax Broadcast
  • Incoming faxes can be printed on HP LaserJet or compatible printer
  • "Send Fax Note" allows you to create a note on any terminal and send it as a fax
  • Unique priority feature allows you to send important faxes immediately and schedule less important faxes for overnights and weekend when telephone rates are lower
  • Multiple faxes to the same fax number are automatically "bundled" together during the same phone call
  • Filters can be set against unwanted fax-commercials
  • Supports both "High Resolution" and "Low Resolution" faxes
  • Maintains its own joblog and provides complete status on all activities
  • Built-in fax telephone book makes sending faxes to the same location a breeze
  • Supports sending faxes to a predetermined fax distribution list
  • System updates and PTFs available via the Internet
  • System operates in its own subsystem, stays out of the way of your regular production work
  • Can be started automatically during an IPL
  • Runs on any model AS/400
  • Full SAA standard
  • Supports print up to 198 columns wide

Do you have questions about BlueFax? E-mail them to us: Support@Kisco.com

Price Information

Price: Now starting at only $3,495.00 for first fax-line, $1750 for additional lines.
Includes 1 BlueFax Client 2000
Additional PC clients available
Optional BlueMail module is $2,900.00
Maintenance: Free for first year of ownership. 15% of purchase price thereafter.

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