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New Release of Fax Solution/Fax Server


August 17, 1998

Mt. Kisco, NY -Kisco Information Systems announces the immediate availability of Release 3 of BlueFax, a turnkey fax solution for the AS/400 that supports sending, receiving and printing of fax documents.

Release 3 starts with a new price. Now, an AS/400 shop can start using fax capabilities for only $3,495.00. The new release also adds new features to BlueFax. These include improvements to the AS/400 Fax capabilities and new Fax Server functions for PC Clients using Win95, Win98 and WinNT.

New features include:

  • Improved forms overlay feature allows you to easily merge spool file data with forms images
  • A wide variety of available fax fonts to customize outbound faxes from your AS/400 spool file
  • New PC Client software written specifically for BlueFax supports Win95, Win98 and WinNT clients.
  • Supports customized cover pages for each user
  • Add coverpages for AS/400 spool file faxes
  • Add logos and signatures for use in documents
  • Supports Fax Broadcast
  • New programmer API's for many supported functions

BlueFax is a turnkey fax product. Customers do not need any special hardware for the AS/400. The only prerequisite is a communications port and a telephone line. BlueFax comes packaged with a fax modem. All users need to do is load the software and attach the modem to the AS/400 and a phone line. Typical installation time is around 20 minutes.

BlueFax can send output from existing AS/400 applications with little or no programming changes. The outbound fax capability is very fast and uses little system overhead. Users can send faxes to individual fax destinations or to a list of destinations in a distribution list.

BlueFax also supports receiving, storing and printing faxes. Users will need an HP Laser printer to print faxes.

BlueFax, developed by Agent Data Aps of Denmark, is now available for free trial from Kisco Information Systems. For more information or to obtain a trial copy, contact Kisco Information Systems at 344 Main Street, Suite 204, Mt Kisco, NY 10549. Phone (914) 241-7233, Fax (914) 241-9140, E-mail Sales@Kisco.com. Additional information about BlueFax and other Kisco software products is available on the world wide web at URL http://www.kisco.com.

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