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Several software products from Kisco Information Systems support sending email from your IBM i system. This document helps with common configuration issues that we have seen come up with all of these products. They all use a common email transmission protocol, so the problems with initial configuration are the same across these products.

IBM i SMTP Server

All Kisco email routines interface with the SMTP server that is built into the IBM i OS. For email to work, that SMTP server must be up and running. You can check to see if the SMTP server is currently running on your system with the following command:


If the SMTP server is running, you will see several jobs listed on the display.

If you find that the SMTP server is not running, you can start it with the following command:


When you choose to keep the Kisco software, you should update the SMTP Attributes on your system so that the SMTP server always starts during an IPL. You can do this by prompting the CHGSMTPA (Change SMTP Attributes) command with the F4 key. The first parameter shown should be set to *YES.

Host Address Resolution

During email transmission, the Kisco email routines checks the server domain address for your IBM i server to make sure that it is valid. Many IBM i shops have not registered the system name of their IBM i server with the DNS, so this is a common issue.

To check this, go to the CFGTCP menu in the IBM OS. First, run option #12 and note the "Host Name" and the "Domain Name" that are displayed. The DNS system name for your system is a combination of these two values. For example, if your "Host Name" is "AS400" and the "Domain Name" is "MYCOMPANY.COM", then the DNS system name for your server is "AS400.MYCOMPANY.COM".

From the command line, use the PING command to try and validate the DNS system name. If it returns an "Unknown host" error message, then additional configuration work is needed. You can do this using option #10 on the CFGTCP menu. Start that menu option and then create a Host Table Entry for your IBM i server. Use the numeric IP address for your server and the DNS system name you have just verified. Once the host table entry has been established, try to validate it again. It should be valid at this point.

Email Relay Settings

In order for email to work from Kisco products, the SMTP server on the IBM i has to be set to allow email relays. As shipped from IBM, this setting disallows relays. The setting in question is in the SMTP Attributes and can be changed by prompting the Change SMTP Attributes command (CHGSMTPA).

To see more on this topic, please check THIS LINK for an article for our iEventMonitor software product. It gives you a detailed explanation of the issue and how to correctly configure your system.

If you have been unsuccessful in getting the email function to work for you after reading the above topics, please contact support staff at Kisco Information Systems by email and provide the details of your specific situation.

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