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GoFaster FAQ

Q - Does GoFaster work on every system?
A - GoFaster works on most i5-iSeries-AS/400 systems. If you have an older AS/400 system that is not a server model, GoFaster may not provide any benefit, especially the model 600 series line. On these systems, interactive performance is not constrained, so GoFaster does not provide any performance improvement. If you are unsure about your specific system, contact us via email and send us the four character code that is shown when you display the system value QPRCFEAT. We will let you know the specifics for your installation.

Q - Is it true that CFINT is a task that could collapse the iSeries-AS/400?
A - CFINT is an OS/400 task that controls the job interruptions and at the same time, when the interactive utilization reaches a certain level, launches a loop action which uses many resources with total priority.

Q - Everybody talks about CFINT but Iíve never seen it. Is it in all machines?
A - All the normal active jobs can be seen with WRKACTJOB, but the tasks can only be seen with WRKSYSACT and the Operations Navigator. GoFaster incorporates the WRKSYSAC2 module with which users can see the CFINT performance and observe how it reacts when the interactive utilization increases and surpasses the established limit for each machine.

Q - How many customers are using GoFaster now?
A - GoFaster was developed in Europe and has been available for sale there for over two years. To date, nearly 1,000 iSeries-AS/400 customers have started using GoFaster to improve their interactive system performance.

Q - Does GoFaster work on systems rated for zero interactive CPW?
A - Yes! For shops using these systems that need interactive CPW for some applications, GoFaster can be a significant value.

Q - Does GoFaster alter any system microcode?
A - No! GoFaster is implemented without altering an base system microcode.

Q - Is a GoFaster license transferrable to another system, as in an upgrade situation?
A - No! GoFaster is licensed for a specific period of time on a specific machine. The license is not transferrable to another system.

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