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Page last updated on March 10, 2005

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GoFaster Customer Questions:

Q - Do I have to restart GoFaster following an IPL?
A - Yes! GoFaster will not be active following every IPL. To reactivate it, go to the FASTER menu in library FASTERI and run option #10.

You can automate this process by adding the following lines of CL to your QSTRUP program:


Q - How can I do an objective evaluation of the results of activating GoFaster on my system?
A - There are several ways to evaluate the impact on your system. If you have PM400 installed and are familiar with its use, you can go that route by doing a benchmark test, activating GoFaster and then repeating your benchmark.

Here is the test that we set up when we were considering selling GoFaster.

First, before activating GoFaster, we started the WASTECPU job (option #30 on the FASTER menu) from two terminal sessions. We let them run for exactly 10 minutes and then noted the number displayed on each terminal display. We then cancelled both WASTECPU jobs.

Then, we activated GoFaster and repeated the test. At the end of 10 minutes, the number displayed was significantly greater than on the first test, clearly indicating a significant improvement in throughput with GoFaster activated.

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