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  $800.00 for AS/400 Version
  (covers 2 systems)

  Free for first year of ownership. Annual fee
  of $50.00 thereafter. See company policies
  section for more information.
RBC provides these important functions critical to your network of AS/400 and/or System/36 computers:

> Automatically send output reports to any printer on your network
> Send any file (or any object) to another computer on your network
> Retrieve any file from another computer on your network
> Send or retrieve source file members (or S/36 library members) between systems
> Start a batch job on any machine, including parameter passing between systems
> Send a message to any workstation or user at a remote system
> Year-2000 Compliant

Whether you dial across country, lease a line across town or directly attach in the same computer room, RBC works the same. It is easy to use and, at $800.00 for the first two sites, it is the most affordable communications package on the market.
RBC is easy to use. All of the features are available from our menus. You can code calls to our programs from your own programs and procedures. The features are all designed to make communications easy for you. For example, to send a file to a remote system, simply supply the name of the file and the remote location name and your file is on it's way.

RBC is also easy to install. On your AS/400, all the support needed is included in OS/400. The only software support you need from IBM to run RBC on your System/36 is Base Communications (IBM feature 6001). This is a no charge feature from IBM (really!). If you are already using Passthru, you already have the support needed to run RBC. First time users of communications on the System/36 will appreciate the predefined ICF configurations supplied with RBC.

If you need help with installation or configuration, our technicians are available to get you up and going quickly.
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