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SafeNet/400 Release 6 Adds New Controls to
Award Winning AS/400 Security Software


October 18, 2001

Mt. Kisco, NY - Kisco Information Systems announces the immediate availability of Release 6 of its SafeNet/400 security package for the IBM AS/400. SafeNet/400, developed by MP Associates of Westchester, Inc., gives AS/400 shops full control over users who access their system over network connections. Release 6 adds even more control through new features and the implementation of more exit points.

SafeNet/400 grants or denies permission to network users who attempt to access various server functions built-in to OS/400, such as SQL, ODBC, DRDA, FTP, Telnet, WorkStation Gateway, PC transfer requests and more. Access can be allowed at various levels, ranging from completely open to totally restricted. Users control access on a user-by-user basis. SafeNet/400 is a non-invasive product and does not require any changes to user profiles or any other existing security configuration.

Release 6 of SafeNet/400 adds many new security points to those already established by earlier releases. Additional features include the following:

  • Time-of-Day Controls open and shut access points depending on when they are accessed.
  • Day-of-Week Controls shut access points on days when they should not be in use, including variable holidays.
  • Enhanced FTP controls.
  • DHCP lease information controls and reporting.
  • Enhanced Remote Execution command controls.
  • Administrative enhancements that make maintenance of the security environment easier.

With Release 6, SafeNet/400 now covers a total of 42 server exit points for network users, more than any other product on the market today.

Along with the new features, SafeNet/400 continues to handle the basics of network access control that it was designed for. SafeNet/400 looks at every incoming network request. It then acts on each one, depending on the level of security that has been defined. User-based rules are checked and when a network request is received, those not permitted are rejected. At the most basic level, SafeNet/400 will simply log all network requests. SafeNet/400 enables you to build rule sets by OS/400 server function and by user profile. You can turn off specific server functions, thereby denying all access. You can also limit the ways that each server function is used.

For each user profile, SafeNet/400 grants access to your system at the object level. You can restrict users to read-only access or grant more comprehensive permission. The object level controls work by giving users permission to objects by library name and object name. Permission is granted on an object-by-object basis, by a generic object name or globally for an entire library.

SafeNet/400 is available from Kisco Information Systems. The base package costs $1,995.00 which includes support for up to 25 network users. More users can be added at an additional cost.

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