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Page last updated on December 22, 2017.

SafeNet/i PTF Requirements

SafeNet/i uses very recent enhancements to IBM i/OS from IBM in order to implement the security enhancements. In fact, IBM is continuing to make changes and improvements in the area of IBM i/OS where SafeNet/i works. Because of this, it is important to have certain PTF packages and specific PTFs installed on your system, depending on the operation system release you are using.

Please check the following lists and while you are waiting for your order of SafeNet/i to arrive, check your system and place your order with IBM for the PTFs that your system does not currently have installed.

For i/OS 7.3:

No known IBM i PTFs required.

For i/OS 7.2:
No known IBM i PTFs required.

For i/OS 7.1:
As of this date, there were no known IBM i/OS PTF issues that affect SafeNet/i. We recommend that when you initially install SafeNet/i, that you make sure that you are current with cummulative PTF packages from IBM for the IBM i/OS.

For i/OS 6.1:
Specific individual PTFs required: SI33968, SI35314 (both for the DDM exit point).

SI38066 (for incorrect IP addresses being reported for RMTSRV and FILESRV exit points).

For V5R4M0:
Specific individual PTF required: SI33967, SI35315 (both for the DDM exit point).

For V5R3M0:
Specific individual PTF's required: MF32934 (for Operations Navigator), SI14144 (for the Remote Command Server Exit Point) and SI15262 (for the Data Queue Server Exit Point), SI33966 (for the DDM exit point).

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