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ScreenSafer/400 Release 3 is a unique workstation security software tool that takes control of inactive workstations during idle time, protecting sensitive information and restricting transaction input only to the user logged on to that device. ScreenSafer/400 is unique because it does not terminate the user during workstation idle time. Because the user is not logged off, transactions are not lost and users do not lose their place. Instead, during idle time, ScreenSafer/400 takes control of the workstation job rendering any sensitive information illegible to passersby by animating the display. Also, by disabling use of the device, user profiles cannot be hijacked.

When the user returns he simply has to reenter his password and the session is instantly reestablished. ScreenSafer/400 uses the same password used at sign-on, so users are not required to remember another password. ScreenSafer/400 operates across all workstations active within a particular sub-system.

ScreenSafer/400 allows a terminal operator to intentionally lock their session from a set of short hand keystrokes. With this feature, a user can make sure their session is secured before leaving their workarea, bypassing the timeout time period.

ScreenSafer/400 allows users to be enrolled automatically upon their next sign-on after the product is installed, or selectively requiring only those users specified at configuration to have the product enabled at sign-on.

ScreenSafer/400 improves on earlier screen timeout tools. Until now, most workstation timeout solutions simply force a log off. This can cause inaccuracies and consume time unnecessarily if the user is in the middle of a complicated process. ScreenSafer/400 keeps the user's terminal session active when interruptions come along.

ScreenSafer/400 is also a considerable improvement to reliance on a workstation screen saver with password control. Desktop screen saver controls are easily disabled and bypassed. ScreenSafer/400 is centrally administered and not easily deactivated.

New with Release 3 of ScreenSafer/400, we have also implemented a secondary timeout feature for those sessions that get left active for a very long time. This feature will cancel a very long inactive session, but can be implemented optionally. The new release also now supports the new complex long passwords that OS/400 now allows.

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Price Information

ScreenSafer/400 is available for $895.00.

For customers running LPAR installations, there is a special version available which allows you to run ScreenSafer/400 on as many partitions as you want for the single price of $1,495.00.

Additional copies can be purchased at a discount for additional systems operated by the same company.

Maintenance: Free for first year of ownership. Annual fee of 15% of the purchase price thereafter. See company policies section for more information.

Ordering Information

ScreenSafer/400 is available for FREE 30 day trial.

Place your order here for a FREE trial of ScreenSafer/400.

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