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Internet or Intranet Whatever your Web needs, Kisco can help. We'll implement web pages, or design an entire site. Your ideas andbusiness needs will always be top priority. Check out our web design philosophy.

Browse this site to geta feel for what we're capable of. Also, check out this list of sites that our staff has been involved with:

Lotus Domino
Whether or not you have a Notes Infrastructure, you can use Domino to push rapidly changing information to the web, with fully interactive applications with un-parallelled ease of development and administration. Read all about Kisco and Domino here.

Contact Information

Find out how to take advantage of new technologies. Expand your business on the Web, or increase productivity with an internal intranet. Talk to us, we'll tell you how:

Justin Loeber,
Manager of Distributed Computing
Kisco Information Systems
40 West Main St., 6B, 2nd Floor, 6B
Mt Kisco, New York 10549
Phone: (914) 241-7233
Fax: (914) 241-9140
E-mail: Justin@Kisco.com

Special Services...

Do More...on the web...At Kisco, we've realized that the WorldWide Web is much more than just a new, fancy advertising medium. Most companys have limited their web sites to simple company logos and phone numbers. We want to help you do alot more. Use the web to expand your business,or to increase the depth of your customer's experience with your company.

Contact us, with your URL, and we'll give you some ideas. We can justspruce up your current site with some Java/JavaScript and graphic re-design,or we can work with you to develop a real on-line application that allowsyou to get real work done, on the web.

Statistical Analysis

Find out what your visitors are doing and where they're coming from. Web site stats analysis is an often neglected aspect of web implementation.We can help you analyze your logs, then use that analysis to drive yourcontent, design, and marketing strategy.

AccrueSoftwarehas a new live statistics reporting package available. The only package of its kind that we know of. Check it out...

Domino Users, having difficulties with your statistical anlysis? We helped the IBM team at alphaWorks design a stats reporting solutionfor their domino site. Find out how we can help you.