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WebReport/400 Release Update


October 28, 2000

Saranac Lake, NY - Kisco Information Systems announces the immediate availability of Release 4 of WebReport/400, an e-Business software product for the IBM AS/400. WebReport/400 provides functions for electronically processing AS/400 reports. It can send AS/400 reports as E-mail or convert reports for deployment on a company's Intranet or at their Internet Website. With this new release, WebReport/400 is now available as two different products. WebReport/400 PDF has been added to support producing AS/400 reports in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

For E-mail processing of reports, Release 4 allows users to send reports to a virtually unlimited number of recipients. This is accomplished via E-mail address stacking within each destination address field. The new release also includes a built-in address book that let's users specify destination E-mail addresses using simple abbreviation names.

For HTML conversion, Release 4 of WebReport/400 adds the option to convert reports into Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. For Internet and Intranet report deployment, PDF can provide much improved control when printing the reports. The Acrobat reader is available for free from Adobe's website and is supported on a wide variety of platforms.

Using WebReport/400, users within an organization can:

  • Automatically send daily sales reports to field sales staff as E-mail
  • E-mail control reports to management rather than printing lots of one and two page reports that just get thrown away every day
  • Post weekly and monthly sales reports to an Intranet Website rather then printing multiple copies for manual distribution
  • Automatically route status reports and joblogs from overnight processing for early morning checking by programmers
  • Post customer-based reports to the organizations Internet Website

WebReport/400 will process any character-based report from the AS/400 print spool. Users can execute the functions manually or set them up to run automatically. The software provides commands to permit calls to WebReport/400 features from user application programs as well.

WebReport/400 sends reports as E-mail attachments. Users can send E-mail distribution to a single user or a virtually unlimited number of users concurrently. WebReport/400 works with standard E-mail server functions included in OS/400. It will distribute to internal E-mail addresses or to external addresses via the Internet.

WebReport/400 can also convert reports into simple HTML, RTF or PDF documents. Users can then deploy these documents for viewing by any web browser software. It can make reports available for either Intranet use within an organization or viewing at an Internet Website.

WebReport/400 includes a history log that records all operations within WebReport/400. Users can view or print the log to track activity within the software product.

WebReport/400 PDF costs $1,395.00 which includes all of the support for Adobe Acrobat conversion. WebReport/400 in its basic form is still only $895.00. Both products are available for free trial from Kisco Information Systems. A trial copy can be downloaded from the Kisco Website at http://www.kisco.com/webrept.htm. For more information or to order a trial copy, contact Kisco Information Systems at 344 Main Street, Suite 204, Mt Kisco, NY 12983. Phone (518) 897-5002, Fax (518) 897-5003, E-mail Sales@Kisco.com.

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