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i2Pass Release Upgrade Installation

Kisco Information Systems recommends that you print this web page and use it as a check list while installing your i2Pass software upgrade from the CD that you have received. The CD includes the software plus the latest software documentation. The "Manuals" folder in the CD contains the latest documentation in PDF format.

If you are upgrading from a Virtual CD Image File that you have downloaded from our website, then do not use this procedure. Use the procedure outlined at the download page using this link.

To install a i2Pass upgrade from media received from Kisco Information Systems, please do the following:

  1. Make sure that no users are logged into any of the menus in the i2Pass system.
  2. Make sure that there are no active monitors running for i2Pass on your system. If any are active, they must be stopped before you can continue.
  3. Sign on using the QSECOFR id.
  4. Check the following system values. They should be set as indicated here. If they are not, note the current settings then change them to these settings:
    QVFYOBJRST - value 3 or lower
    QFRCCVNRST - value 0
  5. Place the installation CD in your system and key the following command:
    LODRUN DEV(xxxx)
    where xxxx is the name of your CD drive.
  6. During installation, i2Pass does the following:
    • Saves the old i2Pass program library in library I2PLIBOLD in a save file named SAVF
    • History information and settings are transferred to the newly installed library.
    • Transfers your permanent install license code to the new version.
    • Additional documentation is printed which covers topics that have been added or changed since the user documentation manual was last printed.
    • Preserves your configuration settings from the current installed version.
  7. When the command finishes, the i2Pass Master Menu will be displayed.
  8. If you changed any system values at step #4, reset them back to their original values now.
  9. Go to the INSTALL menu in library I2PLIB and run option #3. Check the installation status shown at the center of the screen to make sure that it still shows that the software is permanently installed. If you see any other status, contact Kisco Information Systems as the software will not function correctly until this is corrected.

    You can delete the library named I2PLIBOLD created during the installation after you are certain that the new release is working to your satisfaction.