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iEventMonitor : Release 7.0 Announcement

iEventMonitor version 7 from Kisco Systems features web UI and powerful new features

Ridgefield, CT – May 18 2023: Kisco Systems today announced the general release of version 7.0 of its popular IBM i system monitoring software, iEventMonitor. Real time system monitoring is a vital part of any organization’s system administration, compliance, and business continuity strategies. The IBM i operating system is continuously communicating about what it’s doing. With iEventMonitor, sys admins and security officers can be confident that someone is always listening and responding.

iEventMonitor scans multiple IBM i data sources in real time and issues alerts according to a configurable rules engine. Data sources include security audit journal, message queues, history logs and OS system values. The software includes built-in, user-configurable watches as well as fully customizable message queue monitors. Alerts can be sent as break messages, email, SMS or SIEM feed, and can be configured to run user exit programs. There is an optional web service for users to click a link in the alert message to view the job log and send remote responses.

Version 7.0 adds new features to make iEventMonitor a robust monitoring solution, including:

  • Kisco's web enabled UI, Bluescape, is included in the base licnese. With Bluescape, admins can configure and use iEventMonitor entirely within a web browser. No 5250 necessary, though the green screen UI is still available.

  • Improves alert deliverability with native SMS capability. When used together with Kisco's API integration tool, kConnect, iEventMonitor can send native SMS messages. This is a more reliable delivery method that does not rely on mobile carrier SMTP-to-text capabilities.
  • Built-in watches for thread wait, SSL expiration and user profile expiration.

  • Monitor secure socket network connections in the security journal. When *NETSECURE is enabled in the audit journal, iEventMonitor can be used to capture socket level activity including data about TLS protocol and cipher usage.

  • Updated IBM i SMTP capabilities including outbound HTML email formatting.

  • Improved log purge capabilities including automation.

The software is compatible with systems using IBM’s i/OS 721 software release and higher, including i/OS 7.5. 7.3 is required for native SMS messaging. iEventMonitor is available as either a single or multiple LPAR license, with available discounts for multiple systems. All software from Kisco Systems is available for a free 30-day trial.

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iEventMonitor is available for a FREE 30 day trial.

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