Kisco Systems
iEventMonitor : Demo - Event Response

Release 5 of iEventMonitor adds the ability to respond to error messages remotely. To use this new feauture, you will need to configure a new Apache HTTP server instance on your system. Kisco provides all of the required configuration objects for the server. Once the feature has been activated, when an alert is issued for an error message that requires a response, your alert email notice will look like this:

If you following the link embedded in the alert message, it will bring you to a web page served from your IBM i Apache server that can look like this:

From this browser session, you can review the joblog for the failing job to determine how to best respond to the error. Then, when you are ready, you can enter your reply to the message and it will be posted on your system. A confirmation panel will then be shown on your browser to let you know that the message has been answered.