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iEventMonitor : Release 6.0 Announcement

Kisco Announces Version 6 of its Popular IBM i System Monitoring Software

Ridgefield, CT – March 14 2022: Kisco Systems today announced the general release of version 6.0 of its popular IBM i system monitoring software, iEventMonitor. Real time system monitoring is a vital part of any organization’s system administration, compliance, and business continuity strategies. The IBM i operating system is continuously communicating about what it’s doing. With iEventMonitor, sys admins and security officers can be confident that someone is always listening.

iEventMonitor scans the IBM i message queue in real time, issuing alerts whenever a message matches the parameters of user-defined “watches.” The software also includes built-in, user-configurable watches for storage space, CPU utilization, network access, security events and other critical system settings. System watch alerts can be sent as break messages, email, SMS or SIEM feed, and can be configured to run user exit programs. There is an optional web service for users to click a link in the alert message to view the job log and send remote responses.

Version 6.0 adds new features to make iEventMonitor a robust monitoring solution, including:

  • The user profile logon/off watch has been enhanced to optionally hide the user profile being watched from system users. This offers protection from the prying eyes of savvy users who might be able to identify the target of certain watch monitors by viewing the job list.
  • A new alert escalation option has been added to the message queue monitor feature to issue reminder alerts to a wider audience than standard alert addresses. If a message is not responded to in a timely manner, iEventMonitor can alert more users, making sure it gets seen and handled.
  • The Watch Task feature has been enhanced to watch for specific message Ids in the System History Log. In previous versions, iEventMonitor only watched the operator message queue.
  • All monitor and watch features now allow for an alternate alert subject text that can be unique to each task when it is started. This provides for more accurate communication than in previous versions, in which most alerts used the same subject text.
  • When printing the Activity Log, users can now specify selection criteria to only show selected dates or a date range, resulting in less output to print.
  • The message queue monitor has been changed to suppress duplicate alerts issued within a configurable time period. This prevents email clogging and potential performance issues sending multiple alerts about the same message.
  • Five additional security audit codes have been added to the Audit Monitor feature including AD (Auditing changes), AX (Row and column access control), DS (DST password reset), EV (System environment variables) and ST (Use of service tools)
  • The ASP Watch for specific storage levels has been modified with a reminder option if the over limit condition is not resolved within a given time period.

The software is compatible with systems using IBM’s i/OS 7.1 software release and higher, including i/OS 7.4. iEventMonitor is available as either a single or multiple LPAR license, with available discounts for multiple systems. All software from Kisco Systems is available for a free 30-day trial.

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iEventMonitor is available for a FREE 30 day trial.

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