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SafeNet/i : Customer Testimonials

Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about SafeNet/i after using it on their systems:

  • I wish all my software vendors were as responsive as Kisco. In the last 10+ years, no matter what the problem, we always get a quick and complete resolution to the problem. It’s a pleasure working with the Kisco group. Really A+++ service and support.

    Michael Zeider - Sr. Systems Engineer - Prime, Inc.

  • I really love this product! Shows me things that I had no idea were happening on my system.

    Cheryl Aeling - Birchwood Laboratories LLC

  • Over the years we've seldom had any issues with Safenet and I am very impressed with the excellent support and assistance on this issue.

    Fred Parsons - Resolute FP Canada Inc.

  • I really appreciate all of the help that you have always given! I have said this to more than one person at the Bank – Kisco gives me the best support of ANY product I have ever dealt with! Your customer support has always been top-notch … AND PROMPT! That is why I had no problems in recommending SafeNet/i as a solution to the current issue we are having with the auditors. I knew you would come through!

    Bryon Oja - VP - IBM i Administrator - BNC National Bank

  • I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you thank you for all your great support. It is greatly appreciated. Terrific application – terrific support!

    Steven P. Haase - IT Technical Analyst - iSeries Technical Services - Cargill, Inc.

  • Our external auditors were very impressed with the level of network security I have on my IBM i systems thanks to SafeNet/i. Thanks for having such a great product and your dedicated support.

    With all the new security and regulatory pressures all companies are going through nowadays, everyone should have a "gatekeeper" such as SafeNet/i to protect their critical information.

    Mariano Reyes - Vice-President, Information Technology - Credomatic of Florida

  • I do not know of anyone faster in email response than you. Thank you for your help in getting us running on our new systems.

    Scott Walker, The Kroger Company

  • Thank you to Kisco! We now have extended coverage which will go through one year from yesterday, so we will get several months of support coverage at no additional charge. Kisco has been a really great IBM i business partner.

    Jack Burris, Sea Island Company

  • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Kisco support has always been excellent and this is just one reason why we chose your product over the competition's.

    Linda Fontana, Omya Industries, Inc.

  • I think SafeNet/i is the best product out there today. I don't want a lot of reports to search through, I like just knowing that SafeNet/i is there providing the protection that our system depends on.

    Jim Merdan, FWD Corporation

  • You are our most responsive vendor when it comes to answering e-mails. How do you do it? It's great.

    Ottavio Costantini, Wyeth-Ayerst, Canada

  • Your product is the greatest thing since sliced bread! It does exactly what you claim and more. I'm not surprised to hear that you recently won an award from IBM, you guys certainly deserve it! Congratulations!

    Ron Odom, Baker Petrolite

  • Your information will be most helpful as we restrict these functions to Ricks College Campus and our users off campus. Thank you so much for your time and for your great product. Our (rival) network people are always trying to find security holes in our system in their efforts to make our IBM i look bad. Your product fills that void beyond IBM i/OS security and our connection to the network and the outside world.

    Thank You, Randy Goodman

  • Shortly after loading your product and activating the TCP/IP and Telnet features, we found a hacker trying to get into our system. Your product kept him out and really opened our eyes to the security problems associated with the Internet.

    Peg Dorry - Sunburst Communications