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Kisco Systems Acquires DXR Security

MAY 1 2024, Ridgefield, CT – Kisco Systems, a leading IBM i security software and services company, today announced the acquisition of DXR Security. DXR is a prominent provider of security services and education for the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) computing platform. DXR’s principals, John Vanderwall and IBM i security legend, Carol Woodbury, join Kisco Systems in advisory roles.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone in Kisco Systems' strategic growth plan. It bolsters the company’s ability to deliver high quality services to its security customers and strengthens its market presence in the IBM i security space.

“To be the best, we need to work with the best,” says Kisco Systems owner and CEO, Justin Loeber. “Adding Carol Woodbury as a Senior Advisor brings infinite knowledge and wisdom about all things related to IBM i security. She literally wrote the book (two books, actually) on the topic. Carol’s lifetime of IBM i technical knowledge and experience will make its way into every product and service we offer at Kisco Systems.”

Kisco Systems is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for partners and customers of DXR Security. The integration process will be executed with minimal disruption to maximize the benefits for all parties involved.

“We are excited about joining forces with Kisco Systems,” said Carol Woodbury, CTO of DXR Security. “At some point in the future we’ll be retiring, and we wanted to make sure our IBM i expertise and knowledge was transferred to an organization that will use it to continue to educate the IBM i community as well as use it to influence and grow their products and services. We are impressed with the way Kisco continuously improves and enhances their IBM i product line. We know our legacy will be in good hands.”

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About DXR Security: DXR Security is an IBM i security services and education company known for its deep knowledge of IBM i security. DXR Security has built a strong reputation for excellence in IBM i Security Services and helping customers discover security issues and address them one step at a time. For more information, visit