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Tech Support

Welcome! to our customers. Thank You for choosing Kisco Information Systems to meet your IBM i OS software needs.

Customers needing support should email for immediate assistance

In this area of our Website, you will find customer-oriented information about our products. The area is arranged by specific product. To access the customer information on each product, click on the product name.

For each product, you will find information about:

  • Latest release levels for each software product
  • Technical bulletins
  • Recent problem reports for each product with a description of how it was resolved
  • Planned enhancements for each product
  • Available upgrades for each product
  • Available PTFs for each product

You can also register at most sites to receive automatic E-mail notification whenever we implement changes and enhancements to your package. Be sure you check for this and register with us so you can keep current with our software.