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Join in our mission to protect the IBM i

Our mission is to protect the IBM i. It's the only thing we do. Will you join us?

Have your customers asked about...

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements like SOX, PCI, ITIL and others?
  • Protection from ransomware and other external network threats?
  • Controlling remote access to IBMi applications?
  • Ensuring the integrity of critical or sensitive business data?
  • Remote monitoring of IBMi applications and operating system?

Partner with Kisco Systems to deliver more services and more value to your customers, or go to market with new services built around our proven security and compliance products.

Two ways to join us...


Your customer becomes our customer

You become a knowledgeable and enthusiastic spokesperson for our products.

Earn commissions on the initial value of all closed deals from your referrals.

The customer you refer becomes a Kisco customer, receiving support and product updates directly from us, and paying annual support directly to us.


You keep your customers

You promote Kisco products to your new and existing customers.

You add your own services and provide Level 1 support, escalating issues to our support team.

You handle all financial transactions with your customers. You will buy licenses and annual support from us at an attractive discount.



Solutions to monitor IBM i security and compliance

iEventMonitor - remote monitoring of message queues and history journals, with customizable watches and alerts.

iFileAudit - monitor file changes by user, file and field. Keeps track of new and old values. Essential compliance software.

iSecMap - compliance tool to ensure security policy is stable and working as intended. Alerts for non-compliance changes.

Solutions to proactively protect the IBM i

SafeNet/i - use IBM i exit point technology to stop external network threats, control remote access and protect critical data. Logs all activity with built-in audit reports.

i2Pass - Two-factor authentication for terminal sessions, as needed. Logs all access and includes API to secure applications.

WebReport/i - Secure report distribution with encryption, mail delivery and optional intranet login.

Solutions to manage the IBM i security environment

iResetMe - End user password management with self-service web portal to reset passwords on demand