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Protection for Connected IBM i Systems

The Leader in IBM i OS Exit Point Management

SafeNet/i protects your iSeries system from unwanted and unauthorized access via network connections, including the Internet. It lets authorized users do the work they need while keeping unauthorized users out.

Modern network connections, like iSeries Access, Access Client Solutions, FTP, ODBC and others, can leave the information on your IBM i exposed. SafeNet/i closes this exposure, and it does it without forcing you to change the way you already have your system set up.

SafeNet/i is the leading exit point security solution on the market today. Click here for a detailed description or read this flow diagram, on-line demo or Web-Central demo for more information.

SafeNet/i is protecting systems around the world. We have been constantly developing and honing this software since it's introduction in 1996 (originally as SafeNet/400), adapting to changes in network threats, and the IBM OS. Take a look at what our customers are saying.

Contact us if you would like an on-line demo of SafeNet/i with someone from our sales team.