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Major Updates - SafeNet/i

Release Level Upgrade or PTF PTF Name Description Date Available
11.55 PTF n/a
  • kConnect integration for native SMS messaging
  • 2FA support for FTP exit point
11.50 PTF n/a
  • Significant performance improvements and reduced CPU load
11.12 PTF n/a
  • New SQL parsing engine option made available for improved performance when running with newer IBM i OS software releases.
11.11 PTF n/a
  • Support added to SQL statements "SET SESSION_USER" and "SET_SESSION"
11.10 PTF n/a
  • SIEM output feed for QRADAR (and other SIEM software) can now optionally include all activity.
11.08 PTF n/a
  • Socket exit points now optional and not installed automatically when upgrading or for a new install.
11.06 PTF n/a
  • Performance issue with DB2 WebQuery fixed.
11.04 PTF n/a
  • Two-Factor Authentication Feature Added.
  • Performance improved through limited software license validation during exit point processing.
11.01 Upgrade n/a
  • Release 11 of SafeNet/i Announced.
  • Implemented socket level controls for TCP Accept, Listen and Connect socket connections.
  • New advanced maintenance options available that simplify product administration.
10.46 PTF n/a
  • Utilization reports by Group Profile.
  • All Activate and De-activate actions are now logged to the Transaction History file.
10.43 PTF n/a
  • Change to SQL object access focus when an INSERT has an embedded SELECT. Focus shifted to the INSERT command.
  • Library list was being incorrectly reset during CHGUSRPRF processing, now corrected.
10.42 PTF n/a
  • New command to copy user access rules from one system over to a remote system.
  • Change to user exit interface for FTP server to match parameters with IBM exit point standards.
10.41 PTF n/a
  • Improved logging for user profile swaps.
10.40 Upgrade n/a
  • Performance improvements implemented that will help across all applications. Implements user spaces and user indexes to replace traditional file I/O during security authentication processing.
  • The FTP logon process now optionally updates user profile activity in the profile information on the system.
  • Super-User authentication process has been streamlined to improve performance.
  • IPv6 network address processing has been streamlined to improve performance.
10.39 Upgrade n/a
  • Support for TCPIP IPv6 addressing.
  • Support for the new *File Server format PWFS0200 under iOS V7R3 and above.
  • New command WRKSNUSRS displays a full list/matrix of all defined SafeNet users.
10.35 Upgrade n/a
  • The SQL verb "MERGE INTO" is now supported.
  • Core object authorization routines have been recoded and optimized to improve performance. The result is better performance overall for SafeNet/i and more efficient storage use.
  • Final adjustments to the *SPLCTL exit process to match IBM documentation.
10.32 PTF PCPTF1032
  • IPv6 support added for Telnet connections
10.25 Upgrade n/a
  • Expanded source IP address controls, by user profile, for most server functions.
  • New admin function, read-only access, for audit functions.
10.19 PTF PCPTF1019
  • SSL session information for Telnet connections now available in SafeNet/i.
10.16 PTF PCPTF1016
  • New PRTSNUSG report, run all usage reports in a single process.
10.15 PTF PCPTF1015
  • On-Line testing with user replacement option for testing one set of transactions under a different profile name.
10.11 Upgrade n/a
  • Customer selectable Security authorization searches/lookups sequences. Makes it possible to easily support an unlimited number of search sequences.
  • Standardize QSYS.LIB path requests into regular Library/Object authorization lookups.
  • Specify an alternate logfile archive library.
  • Run all usage and security reports (PRTxxxUSG and PRTSECRPT) from any archive library/file.
  • New Performance options available when running the Log file purge.
  • Profile Swapping to allow selection of a swap profile based on the server a user is accessing.
  • Integration with IBM’s QRADAR family of products.