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IBM i security is a fabric of technologies and business practices encompassing everything from operating system management and disaster recovery to monitoring, data protection, audit and more.

Kisco Systems is built to deliver complete solutions with best-in-class software and strategic partnerships, guided by forty years of IBM i expertise.

In this 2024 PowerTalk Podcast with TechChannel, Justin Loeber talks about Kisco's 40 year history a lays out a vision for delivering end-to-end security solutions for IBM i.

Let’s work together to update and operate your IBM i security.

Our Committment

Our software solutions provide the easiest and most cost effective way to secure your IBM i (AS/400) systems and the data they contain. We are committmed to protecting every system with powerfully simple and effective solutions at the lowest cost possible, coupled with outstanding tech support and a global partner network.

Decades of Expertise

Kisco Systems began as "Kisco Information Systems" in 1984 to provide high quality IBM MidRange data processing services, but quickly moved into software sales with several highly successful data management utilities. The first security product, SafeNet/i was launched in 1996 and was one of the first industry solutions to leverage operating system exit points to monitor and protect network connected systems. Other security, compliance and monitoring tools were added over time.

The company was rebranded as "Kisco Systems" in 2021 and refocused its product portfolio entirely on IBM i security and compliance. It's the only thing we do!

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Phone: (518) 897-5002