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SafeNet/i Lite
SafeNet/i : SafeNet/i Lite

SafeNet/i Lite provides control of user access to server functions along with the logging and analysis features from SafeNet/i.

SafeNet/i Lite is a subset of Kisco's award winning SafeNet/i and is available at a reduced cost. You can control user access to specific server functions on System i. It also includes all of the security logging and reporting features of SafeNet/i. This will allow you to provide first level access controls while monitoring security on your system. SafeNet/i Lite lets you see exactly how various users are accessing the system via network connections. It also reports on what files or objects they are working with.

At any time, SafeNet/i Lite can be upgraded to a full installation of SafeNet/i Basic. If you decide that you need the added security features provided by SafeNet/i, such as control over which files or libraries network users can work with, then you can upgrade your SafeNet/i Lite installation to a full implementation of SafeNet/i Basic.

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