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SafeNet/i : Support Policies
SafeNet/i Support Policy

Regular customer service is available from Kisco Information Systems by phone and Email from 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday. For off-hours support, there are several options available.

Web Support

Comprehensive information about the product is available at our SafeNet/i Customer Support website. Many customer problems are covered at that website along with instructions on how to recover from them. If you have never looked at this information, we strongly recommend this as a first step.

Off Hours Support

Off-hours support is available by phone for customers who request it in advance. This has worked very well for customers who are planning IBM i/OS upgrades, SafeNet/i upgrades, disaster recovery tests and so on that are on a scheduled basis. All these customers need to do is contact us one day in advance of the scheduled event and we provide instructions on how to contact us at the time of their special event.

Support Hotline

For customers who want hot-line support during off hours, we can make a special off-hours contact phone number available. That phone is monitored on a regular basis during off hours and on weekends.

We also regularly check the support email account during off hours and on weekends.