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IBM i security is a fabric of technologies and practices that includes everything from OS management and disaster recovery to system monitoring, data protection and much more.

Kisco Systems is built to deliver complete IBM i security solutions

  • Services

    Security Assessments

    Penetration Testing

    Secure Infrastructure


  • Products

    System Monitoring

    Multifactor Authentication

    Exit Point Management

    Data and Security Audit

  • Special Pricing

    Our 2024 software and services bundles are the lowest cost option to update and operate your IBM i security using our products and expertise.

Committed to IBM i education

  • The Richard C. Loeber fellowship for careers in IBM i partners with IBM i shops to develop high potential employees with free training and community support.

  • Anyone in the IBM i community can visit Kisco U for free tips and tutorials related to all things IBM i security. We constantly add and update the content, so sign up for notifications.

  • Join us for an IBM i Event:
    - WMCPA Conference, March 12
    - JDE security webinar, March 7
    - Enterprise monitoring webinar, April 18
    - PowerUp Conference, May 20

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