Kisco Systems
Tech Tip
Transferring Kisco PTFs to your IBM i

Kisco Information Systems sends out PTFs for its software packages as PC files attached to email messages. In the instructions, you are told to create a shared folder named KISCO on your system using the IBM i OS command CRTFLR. Once this is done, there are several methods you can use to transfer the PTF file into this shared folder. If you are not familiar with any of these methods, here is one you can use.

  1. Create a folder on your desktop named "TEMP'
  2. Save the PTF file attachment from the email that we sent to you in this new TEMP folder.
  3. Start IBM i Access Client Solutions and select Integrated File System

  4. Select the "kiscocd" folder in the root directory:

  5. Click on Actions and choose the Upload option:

  6. Locate the TEMP folder in select the file to be uploaded:

  7. Highlight the file to be uploaded and click on Open:

  8. Confirm your upload and press OK:

  9. The file is now available to be processed.

At this point, you can continue with the instructions you have for installing the Kisco software PTF file.