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Risk Free Trials

Every product from Kisco Information Systems is available on a FREE trial basis. We ship you a full working copy of the software you are considering. Install it and use it for a month at no charge. At the end of the month, you can either pay for the software or simply let us know that you're not interested and we'll cancel the iorder. There is NO RISK!

Customer Initiated Changes

As you work with our software, when you see a function that you need or a feature you think would help you, just call us. We'll do our best to accommodate your request. Over the years, we've found that our customers are the best source of ideas for product improvement. All it takes is a customer with a good idea and we implement it as quickly as we can.

Quick Order Fulfillment

When you place an order for one of our products, we normally send it on the same day. Email orders are normally filled within an hour of placement. If you want the software shipped on CD, then US Domestic orders are shipped via UPS 2-day service. International orders are either handled by one of our international dealers or shipped from our headquarters office via Air Mail First Class.


For products developed by Kisco Information Systems, you get FREE support for the first year of ownership. Any time you have a problem or a question about any of our products, just call us and we'll give all the support you need.

After the first year, annual maintenance is billed annually, based on the then current purchase price. If the product price has changed, then your annual maintenance charge will move with it. This maintenance fee entitles you to:

  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Unlimited E-mail support
  • Defect repair
  • New versions to correct known defects
  • Unlimited free license transfers
  • Free updates for new releases, shipped to you at our expense

Release Updates and Product PTFs

For products developed by Kisco Information Systems, you get FREE product updates and product PTFs during your first year of ownership. We're constantly working to improve our software. When we finish a set of improvements, we make them available either as a release update or a product PTF. Product PTFs are distributed via email.

License Transfers

For products developed by Kisco Information Systems, you get FREE license transfers during your first year of ownership. This allows you to move our software to a machine with a different serial number when doing upgrades and changes to your system environment. License transfers allow you to obtain a new permanent password when you upgrade your system or move your operation to an entirely new processor. Licenses for additional systems are always available at a discount.

After the first year of ownership, transfers continue to be free for customers who choose our annual maintenance plan. If your maintenance coverage lapses, it must be renewed retroactive to the date that it expired before support can be restarted.