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Checking for expired certificates

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Expired certificates are a common (and slightly embarrassing) cause of application down time.

Check manually in DCM

  1. Start the Digital Certificate Manager server
  2. Choose the "Select a Certificate Store" button and select the *SYSTEM option
  3. Enter username and password
  4. Open the "Manage Certificates" menu and select "View certificate"
  5. Select a certicate from the list and look at the dates in the "Validity period" field

Using SQL Services

Or you can use SQL services. Execute this SQL from "Run SQL Scripts" in ACS:

select *
from table (
qsys2.certificate_info(certificate_store_password => '*NOPWD')
where validity_end < current date + 1 month;

Our iEventMonitor software includes a built-in notification feature for SSL certificate expiration.