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System monitoring is about so much more than just performance management. From a security perspective you need to know if any of these system values change.

QALWOBJRSTAllow object restore option
QALWUSRDMNAllow user domain objects in libraries
QAUDCTLAuditing control
QAUDENDACNAuditing end action
QAUDFRCLVLForce auditing data
QAUDLVLSecurity auditing level
QAUDLVL2Security auditing level extension
QCRTAUTCreate default public authority
QCRTOBJAUDCreate object auditing
QDSPSGNINFSign-on display information control
QFRCCVNRSTForce conversion on restore
QINACTITVInactive job time-out
QINACTMSGQInactive job message queue
QLMTDEVSSNLimit device sessions
QLMTSECOFRLimit security officer device access
QMAXSGNACNAction to take for failed signon attempts
QMAXSIGNMaximum sign-on attempts allowed
QPWDCHGBLKBlock password change
QPWDEXPITVPassword expiration interval
QPWDEXPWRNPassword expiration warning
QPWDLMTAJCLimit adjacent digits in password
QPWDLMTCHRLimit characters in password
QPWDLMTREPLimit repeating characters in password
QPWDLVLPassword level
QPWDMAXLENMaximum password length
QPWDMINLENMinimum password length
QPWDPOSDIFLimit password character positions
QPWDRQDDGTRequire digit in password
QPWDRQDDIFDuplicate password control
QPWDRULESPassword rules
QPWDVLDPGMPassword validation program
QRETSVRSECRetain server security data
QRMTSIGNRemote sign-on control
QSCANFSScan file systems
QSCANFSCTLScan file systems control
QSECURITYSystem security level
QSHRMEMCTLShared memory control
QSSLCSLSecure sockets layer cipher specification list
QSSLCSLCTLSecure sockets layer cipher control
QSSLPCLSecure sockets layer protocols
QUSEADPAUTUse adopted authority
QVFYOBJRSTVerify object on restore

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Our iEventMonitor "audit monitor" feature will watch your system values and alert you if anything changes.