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With IBM's move towards an IBM i subscription model, tracking license status is now more important than ever.

IBM i SQL SYSTOOLS includes a built-in function that can help.

Execute this SQL statement:


This statement checks for licenses that will expire in the next 30 days, or have already expired. Use a number other than "(30)" to query for a different date range.

When the SQL executes, an informational message is sent to QSYSOPR message queue. There will be one message for every instance discovered by the function.

The message for an expired license looks like this:

PRODUCT LICENSE EXPIRED ON 07/22/23 - 5722IP1 5050 IBM Infoprint Server for iSeries

The message for a product that is going to expire looks like this:

PRODUCT LICENSE WILL EXPIRE ON 07/06/24 - 5770WDS 5103 Application Development ToolSet

The messages are "general informational" and do not have specific message IDs associated with them.

If you're actively monitoring QSYSOPR and want to be alerted for expiring licenses, you will need to configure an alerts for the string "PRODUCT LICENSE WILL."

We've added an automated watch task and alert for IBM i license status to our monitoring product, iEventMonitor