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iSecMap Release 2.02 (PTF level ISPTF202) includes a feature that will track Netserver Path Shares in the IFS on your system. When the software is installed (or when it is updated via PTF), the current IFS Path Shares will be initialized. Then, whenever you run option #9 on the MASTER menu, a check will be made to see if any of these shares have been changed.

The following changes are captured:

  • New shared added
  • Existing shares removed
  • Permission change in existing shares (read-only or read-write)

IFS Netserver Path Shares are controlled from IBM i Access Client Solutions "Navigator for i" (Nav). If you need to make changes to share that was created but needs to be changed, this should be done using Nav. This is done by selecting "File Systems" (near the bottom of the list of options) and then "File Shares".

If a share has been added but you approve and you want to accept it as part of your base security configuration, just select option 8 when it is shown as an exception. This will add it to the base and if will not be considered to be an exception in the future.

Option #9 has also been added to the ISECLIST menu that will let you create a list of the current Netserver IFS Path Shares established on your system.

Learn about iSecMap here.