Kisco Systems
IBM i Anti-Virus
Total protection for the IBM i against viruses, Trojan horses, and malicious code

Keep your IBM i safe and clean

While it is true the IBM i (AS/400) doesn’t run .exe files, it can house infected files – waiting until someone on your network transfers and opens that file on their PC.

Anti-Virus scans all accessed files, offers comprehensive virus detection by marking, quarantining, and deleting infected files, and prevents your iSeries from becoming an infection source.


  • Anti-Virus software cannot be disabled by any known virus
  • Based on ClamAV Engine Developed by Cisco and Distributed as part of AIX package on IBM.
  • Anti-Virus runs locally at the iSeries Server or it can be executed on ICAP Client Mode
  • ICAP Client releases the processing load to specific and trusted servers, giving to you the power to choose an Anti-Virus Database Provider
  • Virus database is updated constantly, automatically protecting your system against even the newest versions malicious code


  • Automatic, regularly updated database
  • Command-line scanner
  • Database updater with support for digital signatures
  • Can not be disabled by viruses
  • Built-in support for zip, gzip, jar, and tar files
  • User-friendly, multilingual interface (green screen and GUI)
  • Supports V5R3 Scanning Enablement
  • Integration with OS/400 Scheduler
  • History Log for review and analysis

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What is ICAP?

Virus scans can be CPU-intensive because they scan millions of possible virus signatures. ICAP reduces the load by distributing the CPU-intensive part of virus scanning onto separate external ICAP servers. Using ICAP ensures that your IBM i is always protected without a performance drop. Scan time is faster – by twenty times in some tests.