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In a 5250 session run "NETSTAT OPTION(*CNN)" to list all current TCP/IP connections. See the "remote address" column.

In IBM Navigator select "Network", "TCP/IP Configuration", "IPv4" and finally "IPv4 Connections" to get the same information as the NETSTAT command above. You can also generate listings or a CSV download of the connection data.

We recommend running reverse DNS (NSLOOKUP) on unfamiliar IP addresses. It is imperative to investigate suspicious connections. Check your exit point implementation to make sure that you have source IP address controls in place. Connection attempts will show up with the NETSTAT command before they are denied by your exit point implementation.

For help with network monitors, our software firewall product, SafeNet/i support IP address control. iEventMonitor can be configured to issue alerts and/or automatically terminate suspicious connections when unfamiliar IP addresses are detected.