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iFileUtility : List of Features

iFileUtility includes the following features:

  • Single record mode or multiple record browse
  • File search on any field contents
  • Update individual records, even from a logical view
  • Scan & Replace on any field with selection criteria
  • Embed RPG instructions that execute during any Scan & Replace operation
  • Show field headings or field descriptions
  • Find all logicals associated and search on any key
  • Review record layouts
  • Copy files or certain records within a file
  • Generate DDS source code for any file on your system
  • Consultant's carry-around version available
  • Easy to use, intuitive
  • Generates RPG programs that can be converted for use in your applications

Note: Some iFileUtility features require that you have an RPG compiler installed on your IBM i system.

Not convinced yet? Check out our On-Line Demo for a better idea of the power that iFileUtility will give you.

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