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iFileUtility : Product Details

iFileUtility is an easy-to-use native file utility for the IBM i System platform (Power Server i/i5iSeries/AS400).

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iFileUtility Sample Screen

iFileUtility provides an integrated set of file utilities for use by all IBM i users. iFileUtility provides a record browse for any native IBM i database file showing field names and values. Users can review records in single record mode or in multiple record browse mode. iFileUtility supports both physical files and logical files. From the file viewer, you can update individual records or you can optionally perform group updates. The file viewer also provides access to record layouts and can show you all files related to the file in use.

iFileUtility is easy to use and very affordable. Kisco sells iFileUtility on a per partition basis but it is also available for IBM i consultants in a "carry around" format that is not locked to a specific computer system. The system is very intuitive for IBM i programmers and it can be configured for easy use by IBM i terminal operators.

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License Information

Licensed on a per-partition basis. Multi-license discounts available

A ppecial unlocked "carry around" version is available for Consultants and Consulting Companies only.

Maintenance: Free for first year of ownership. Annual fee of 15% thereafter. See our company policies section for more information.