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Native SMS Messaging for the IBM i

Improved delivery for system notifications and critical alerts

This IBM i software utility routes messages through a 3rd party SMS service instead of using the outdated email-to-text method. It works natively within the operating system and does not require any special software or system configuration.

Use kConnect to send SMS messages from the command line or from within your own applications. kConnect integrates natively with other Kisco products to issue alerts and notifications. When used with i2Pass, kConnect sends 2FA authentication codes in real time via SMS.

kConnect requires an account with a third party SMS service. Right now we support Twilio and Telesign. kConnect customers must have their own external account, which is an additional cost.

Get rid of unreliable email-to-text messaging and upgrade to native SMS today. Order kConnect here. Like all Kisco products, kConnect starts with a free 30 day trial.

Integrated Messaging

These Kisco products offer "out of the box" integration with kConnect for reliable alerts and notifications: