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iSecMap : Product Details

iSecMap is a security enforcement tool for the IBM i family of systems (Power System/i, i5, iSeries, AS/400).

For any system, you current security configuration is what is currently being enforced. You have probably worked hard to determine your exact security setup and what you want to do is maintain those settings. iSecMap will map your current security environment and then let you periodically check the environment to let you know what, if anything, has changed. It then lets you decide if you want to accept the change and make it part of your baseline or change it so that it conforms to the way you initially set it up.

Security items monitored are the security system values, user profiles, group profiles (including supplemental groups), authorization lists and library level security. You can also optionally monitor specific objects in specific libraries and file objects in any Integrated File System (IFS) path.

iSecMap also includes a security check monitor that you can run to periodically check the security environment for your system. Live reports of security changes can be issued to specific message queues on your system and by email to any email address that you register to the system.

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Licensing Information

iSecMap is priced based on the number of user profiles on your system. Price tiers exist for systems with up to 100 users, 250 users, 500 users and there is an unlimited user license available. iSecMap is also available in an LPAR license that will let you install the software on multiple partitions on a single serial number for a single price. Contact us with your details and we will give you pricing by return email.

Maintenance: Free for first year of ownership. Annual fee of 15% of the purchase price thereafter. See company policies section for more information.

Ordering Information

iSecMap is available for FREE 30 day trial.

Place your order here for a FREE trial of iSecMap.

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