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The following is a list of recent changes and improvements made to iSecMap. Most changes are made as the direct result of a customer request. If you have changes you would like to see made to iSecMap, email and we'll add your change to our list of possible implementations.

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iSecMap Recent Changes Log


iSecMap Updates:

Release 2:

Release 1:

Release 2:

Announcing Release 2.0

We are please to announce significant new features:

  • Exit Point tracing now includes information about registered programs on each exit point.
  • All iSecMap activity is now logged in a history log.
  • The alert email subject line can now be specified by the customer.
  • The library analysis process lets you see which libraries are being tracked before you select the library you want a report for.
  • The library analysis process now lets you run the analysis for all registered libraries, not just one library at a time.
  • The IFS analysis process lets you see which paths are being tracked before you select which path you want a report for.
  • Reporting options have been improved to simplify selection of subsets to be reviewed.

iSecMap release 2.0 is available on the downloads page

Release 1:

Exit Point registration tracking added.

A new feature has been added to iSecMap that tracks registered exit programs for all IBM i OS exit points. It will also let you know when a new exit point has been added and when previous exit points are removed.

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