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i2Pass : Announcing i2Pass v3.0

Kisco Announces Version 3 of its 2-Factor Authentication Software

Ridgefield, CT – May 3 2022: Kisco Systems today announced the general release of version 3.0 of its 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) software solution, i2Pass. 2FA capability is critical part of the security protocols in most modern IT management frameworks and is often a requirement for cyber insurance policies. IBMi shops cannot afford to ignore this extra layer of protection. I2Pass adds instant 2FA capability to the IBMi.

i2Pass works by interrupting the login session for certain users, depending on the software’s configuration. Access can be further controlled by IP address. A single use password will be sent to the user by email and/or text message. Up to three destinations can be configured for each user. The session resumes when the user enters the correct 2FA code, after which the code is retired and will never be used again.

This authentication engine is also available through a built-in API, enabling additional protection for logins to critical in-house applications. i2Pass logs all sign on attempts, capturing the completed or rejected status for each.

Version 3.0 makes life a lot easier for sys admins. With its new self-registration capability. administrators are no longer required to know or enter individual user email addresses when enrolling new users. If a user is registered with the email address set to *NONE then they will be prompted for the email address (or addresses) that they want to use and complete a validation process the first time they login to a session protected by i2Pass. The new version also makes it easier to manage multiple email address for users.

The software is compatible with systems using IBM’s i/OS 7.1 software release and higher, including i/OS 7.4. i2Pass is available as either a single or multiple LPAR license, with available discounts for multiple systems. All software from Kisco Systems is available for a free 30-day trial.

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