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i2Pass v4.0
i2Pass : Announcing i2Pass v4.0

Kisco Systems Announces i2Pass 4.0 IBM i Multifactor Authentication Software with DUO Support

SEPT 18, 2023, Ridgefield, CT – Kisco Systems today announced the availability of version 4.0 of their IBM i Multifactor Authentication (MFA) software, i2Pass. The new release features a native integration with DUO for mobile authenticator application support, as well as an implementation of Bluescape, Kisco’s native web enabled IBM i application UI.

The IBM i security model relies heavily on password authentication. However, modern chip architectures and processing capabilities have turned “brute force” password hacking into a reality. If a bad actor wants to compromise a user account on your system, there is no technical barrier to doing so. It’s a matter of “when,” not “if.” In addition, sophisticated hackers using “social engineering” attacks can break your password security without using any technology.

Multifactor Authentication is the last line of defense against brute force and social engineering access attempts. In either case, the user whose account has been compromised will receive an authentication request when the hacker attempts to login with a hacked or stolen password. This will alert the organization to the compromise and will also prevent the hacker from completing the login process.

i2Pass from Kisco Systems is a standalone MFA software solution for the IBM i. It immediately adds an extra layer of password protection to any 5250 login or, using the built-in API, to any application on the system. Release 4.0 includes support for mobile authentication with native support for DUO. Other authenticators such as MS Authenticator and Okta will be added in the near future. The solution still supports traditional authorization methods such as sending one-time codes via email or SMS. A utility application, kConnect, is required to use i2Pass with SMS and DUO.

The new release also features an implementation of Kisco’s native web UI, known as Bluescape. Installed on a built-in Apache instance, Bluescape offers full control over the application and user configuration through an easy-to-use web interface.

i2Pass and kConnect for DUO are licensed by LPAR and are available for free 30-day trial. See for more information.