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WebReport/i Release Upgrade Recovery Installation

If you experience a problem during a WebReport/i release upgrade process or if you have completed an upgrade successfully but feel that you want to return to the previous release, use this procedure. If you have a problem during a release upgrade, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you perform this procedure before you attempt another upgrade installation. If you are uncertain about any aspect of this recovery procedure, please contact Kisco Information Systems support for advice and instructions.

To re-install the release from prior to your WebReport/i upgrade, please do the following:

  1. End any Message Monitoring jobs that may be active on your system.
  2. End the WebReport/i Automatic Routing job (option #16 on the MASTER menu).
  3. End the routing subsystem using the following command:
  4. Verify that the subsystem and routing jobs are ended.
  5. Make sure that no users are logged into any of the menus in the WebReport/i system.
  6. Sign on using the QSECOFR id.
  7. Check to make sure that the library named WEBREPOLD is on your system and that it contains a save file named SAVF.
  8. Clear the new version from your system by running the following instruction:
  9. Restore the previous version by running the following instruction:

At this point, the previously installed version will be installed again on your system and you can resume normal operations with that version of WebReport/i. If you followed this procedure due to a failure during the release upgrade process, please contact Kisco Information Systems for further advice and instructions.