Kisco Systems
WebReport/i : Intranet Report Demo

From here, you can view a sample Report Intranet running from one of Kisco's test systems. This is a live demo. After selecting the link below, you will be presented with a logon process. For this demo, specify user id WEBDEMO and password DEMOWEB to complete the logon.

After selecting the link, your browser will warn you that the site certificate was not issued by a trusted authority. That is true, the certificate was issued from our IBM i server. Knowing this, you can trust this certificate and your browser will give you options to do so. Some browsers, like Firefox, will let you import the certificate so that the warning will not be issued again.

When the demo is displayed, just click on the blue button to the left of each report shown to get a downloaded copy of the report at your computer. None of these reports contain any sensitive information.

Here is the link to the WebReport/i Report Intranet Demo.