Kisco Systems
WebReport/i : List of Features


  • Support conversions to MS Text (txt), Rich Text Format (rtf), Hyper Text Markup Language (html), Adobe Acrobat (pdf), Excel spreadsheet (xls or xlsx), Tagged Image File (tif), comma separated values (csv) and i/OS spool file format (*ISP)
  • Convert any IBM i report for local storage and deployment
  • Distribute reports through a built-in Report Intranet website that is served from your IBM i using the HTTP Apache webserver feature in the IBM i/OS.
  • Share reports via Dropbox by inserting reports directly from your IBM i into any Dropbox account.
  • Allows customer control over the email Subject line
  • Reports emailed out as attachments
  • Adobe Acrobat conversions support AFP spool files including AFP overlays
  • Adobe Acrobat conversions support IPDS spool files
  • Adobe Acrobat conversions support USERASCII spool files
  • Send up to five spool files in a single email message
  • Optionally add a digital signature to any spool file converted to Adobe Acrobat format
  • Let's you define fill-in text boxes for spool files converted into PDF documents for end-user entry purposes.
  • Split reports to different delivery destinations based on report content, such as region code, customer number or salesman number.
  • Optionally compress (zip) an email attachment before sending it.


  • Send any IBM i report to any email address in the world
  • Send any IBM i report to any domestic fax address using MetroFax internet fax service
  • Convert spool file and send it to any FTP server using an integrated FTP transfer function
  • Email and local conversions can be run manually from any terminal session
  • Built-in address book allows use of email abbreviation names
  • i/OS spool file format can be restored onto any IBM i and placed back into any output queue
  • Local report conversion supports output to any location in the Integrated File Server (IFS)
  • Add files from the IFS to your email report distribution.
  • Send an email that only includes IFS files as attachments.


  • Adobe Acrobat conversions include security measures that support encryption, user and owner passwords (up to 32 characters) and end user restrictions
  • Acrobat encryption options for either 40 bit or 128 bit encryption supported
  • Adobe Acrobat restrictions include preventing the end user from printing the report, disallowing end user modifications, preventing end users from copying reports and not allowing end user annotations to a report
  • Secure Excel spreadsheet cells with a password that will keep users from updating cell contents unless they know the password.


  • Both email and local conversion functions can be imbedded in customer CL programs using standard format i/OS commands included in WebReport/i
  • Report routing by output queue with differentiation on routing rules by FORMTYPE, FILENAME, USRDTA or user profile information from the spool file
  • Both functions can be setup to run fully automatically as soon as output reports are prepared
  • Customer control over spool file following any operation done in WebReport/i
  • HTML conversion supports optional index insertion and header/footer HTML code block insertion

Computer Operations Support

  • WebReport/i Message Monitor watches any message queue on your system and automatically sends notification Email messages when qualifying messages are posted to the message queue
  • WebReport/i File Monitor watches any data file on your system for record access for read, update, add or delete and reports the events to you via Email. Can be set to just monitor during certain hours. Option to send periodic summary messages or detail messages for each event
  • Email CL command allows customers to integrate Email event notification into existing applications
  • Optionally show all recipient email addresses in the email message text area when sending reports via email