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i2S3 Cloud Backup
i2s3 : Product Demo

i-2-S3 contains a series of utilities that can be used to save objects to Amazon S3, retrieve objects from Amazon S3 and administer the backup sets stored at Amazon S3. The main menu displayed when you initially go to use i-2-S3 looks like this:

i-2-S3 Master Menu

i-2-S3 contains a series of save and restore commands that are similar to those used by the System i operating system. For example, the following can be used to create a backup set at Amazon S3 for objects in a specific library. It is functionally similar to IBM SAVOBJ command:

i-2-S3 S3SAVOBJ command

There are similar commands for the operating system commands for Save Changed Objects, Save Library, Save Save File Data and the Save command for objects in the IFS.

For each save command, there is a corresponding restore command. To restore objects from a Save Objects backup like the previous one, you would use the restore obects command like this:

i-2-S3 S3RSTOBJ command

For each backup set created using i-2-S3, a summary and detail record is stored for the backup. Using this, you can manage what is stored at Amazon S3 and get a quick list of the contents of the backup. You can also initiate restore processing right from this list:

i-2-S3 Backups List

The save and restore commands can be used from the i-2-S3 menu, keyed directly on the system command line or incorporated directly into your CL programs.