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i-2-S3 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Will i-2-S3 work on any System i?

A - i-2-S3 will work on any system running IBM i/OS with a release level of 6.1 or higher.

Q - The restore commands in i-2-S3 seem quite simplified, can I do a complex restore using options in the OS that are not support in the i-2-S3 commands?

A - Yes! i-2-S3 has a facility for you to restore any backup set from Amazon S3 in the form of a save file. You can then perform your own object restore from the save file once it has been retrieved from Amazon S3.

Q - Should I be considering i-2-S3 for a full system backup?

A - Probably not. i-2-S3 is positioned as a strategic backup solution. To get a better idea of how to best use the product, take a look at our suggested use ideas for i-2-S3.

Q - Can I encrypt my save sets at Amazon S3?

A - Yes! As of Release 1.02 of i-2-S3, every save operation includes an option to encrypt the backup set before sending it to Amazon S3.

Q - Do I need a separate account with Amazon S3?

A - Yes! You will need to open an account with Amazon S3. During that process, your security access codes will be set. Once this is done, then you are ready to start using i-2-S3 on our system.

Q - How much can I expect in charges from Amazon S3?

A - Storage charges at Amazon S3 are very inexpensive. You can see their price schedule at this link. As you can see, as you store more data at the S3 service, the charge per GB drops.

Q - Where is my save data actually stored?

A - Based on where you are located, Amazon stores your data at their facilities in Northern Virginia, the Pacific Northwest or Ireland. Your data is stored with full redundancy over multiple servers in separate facilities so that it cannot be lost or destroyed.