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i2S3 Cloud Backup
i2s3 : Recommended Uses

i-2-S3 can be used for strategic backup operations where you want to save information off-line from your IBM System i.

Some strategic uses for i-2-S3 might include the following:

  • Saving a snapshot of an application at a critical point in time to create a baseline that can easily be restored. A good example of this might be at the start of a complex nightly process or a complex month-end closing.
  • Storage of programs and source code for legal reasons. Some companies are required to keep certain off-site backups for legal reasons. Amazon S3 is well suited for this purpose. You can also use it to store year and end month end data as needed.

  • Archival storage of application data that is periodically purged. This kind of data can then be retrieved as needed for archival restore processing.
  • Storage of backups that might need to be restored to a different system. Amazon S3 can act as a storage intermediary.
  • Critical offsite storage for key systems. With i-2-S3, this can be accomplished without the hassle of checking tapes in and out and making pickup and delivery arrangements. When offsite information is needed, it can be retrieved quickly
  • i-2-S3 save/restore processing does not require an operator to mount tapes, clear tapes or respond to tape related messages, so they can happen at any point during the day or night.
  • For companies already storing web site components using Amazon S3, i-2-S3 can be used to automated maintenance of those web site files from your IBM System i.
  • Distribution of IBM System i objects to multiple platforms in your network. You can upload once to Amazon S3 and then the individual platforms can download from there taking advantage of Amazon’s high end bandwidth.
  • Saving copies of source code at a given point in time. This is useful for developers and programmers alike when they are starting a new project, to save a frozen copy of their source code that they can easily go back to.