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i-2-S3 interfaces with Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) for storing and retrieving backups for the System i.

Amazon S3 is a low cost file storage service which can be used for any kind of file storage, but is well suited for backup file storage. i-2-S3 provides System i shops with a simple interface to the service to make is easy to create and save objects from the System i and then easily retrieve them as needed.

i-2-S3 includes a set of commands that mimic the System i/OS save and restore commands. Instead of saving a backup set to a specific device or save file, i-2-S3 provides a destination that has been predefined by the customer at the Amazon S3 site. The backup can then run without any further intervention on the system including no need for media mounts or other operator intervention.

Each save operation run from i-2-S3 creates a detail list of the objects that are included in the backup set. Tools are included to make restores from the backup set details very easy by just selecting the object to be restored from the remote backup. The i-2-S3 save/restore processing supports both the traditional library file system and the Integrated File System (IFS) on the System i.

i-2-S3 also supports optional encryption of the backup set for every save operation. When selected, i-2-S3 encrypts the save set prior to sending it for storage at Amazon S3. An encryption key is randomly generated and stored for later use on your system. Each restore operation provides for this key to be provided for safe decryption of the save set when it is restored on your system from Amazon S3.

Maintenance of the backup sets stored at Amazon S3 is also supported by i-2-S3. Backup sets are stored in “buckets” at Amazon S3 and a utility is provided to easily create new buckets from i-2-S3. At any time, you can also see the details of each backup. A delete option lets you remove backup sets from Amazon S3 storage.

The Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) has a size limitation of 5TB for individual backup sets stored. For most IBM System i applications, this is sufficient.

Using the data compression features added to i-2-S3 can result in signficantly reduced transmission times and storage charges from Amazon S3. Multiple levels of compression are available when sending backup sets to Amazon S3. Decompression happens automatically when restoring from Amazon S3.

See our list of suggested uses for i-2-S3 to get some ideas on how you might be able to implement this tool in your shop.

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Available per system serial number, or on unlimited LPAR license.

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