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iFileAudit : Product Summary

iFileAudit is a security and file audit product for the IBM iSeries-AS/400. It lets you track data updates and changes to files on your IBM System i on a user-by-user, file-by-file and field-by-field basis.

About the database Journal - the heart of data audit and compliance on the IBM i:

Using iFileAudit, users within an organization can:

  • Track changes to a specific field on a specific record to review how the current field contents got entered.
  • Track both manual field changes and changes to fields done by program calculations.
  • Identify the user profile that was used to make each file, record and field change.
  • Identify the program that was used to make each file, record and field change.
  • Identify where each file, record and field change was made from.
  • Produce printed audit reports on a global or a selected basis for each file being tracked.
  • Improve your SOX and HIPAA auditing with audit trail proof that your files have not been tampered with.
  • Optional web browser interface is available. Includes complete instructions for HTTP server configuration on your System i. Lets you administer iFileAudit from your web browser.
  • Includes ability to track file read operations for selected files complete with process filters to limit the information collected to just what you're looking for.
  • Audit Notes feature let's you document unusual field changes for audit purposes.

iFileAudit uses file audit journals in the operating system to capture all of the file, user and field change information reported. The journals guarantee that everything that happens to the file will be recorded and captured by iFileAudit. If a journal already exists for a file, it will be used. If no journal exists, one will be created.

To implement file tracking in iFileAudit, all you have to do is register your file to iFileAudit, activate tracking and then sit back while the data accumulates. When you want to to review file activity, there is a simple analysis step that you need to run and then you can review file changes. These can be done using on-line displays or by generating reports.

If you need a permanent printed record of all file changes, the built-in reports can be used to create specific reports for your audit requirements.

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