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iFileAudit PTF Installation Instructions

iFileAudit supports distribution of program updates remotely via the Internet. When programs in iFileAudit are updated or program fixes are required, Kisco Information Systems can send the updates directly to you via the Internet. If needed, we will send E-mail to you with an attached PC file. This file, when loaded into a folder on your system, can be used to post program updates and changes to your copy of iFileAudit.

When you receive a PTF update package from Kisco, you will be given an eight character PTF Package Name. To load and apply the PTF to your system, follow these steps:

  1. Create a folder on your system named KISCO. You can do this with the following command:
    Note: This folder only has to be created the first time you install a PTF.
  2. From a PC that is attached to your system, move the PTF Package file that you received from Kisco into this folder. If you are not familiar with this process, please check the following URL at the Kisco website for specific instructions:
  3. Make sure that no iFileAudit functions are in use and that no users are logged into any iFileAudit menus.
  4. If your version of iFileAudit is installed in an Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) other than the default system ASP, then you must run the following command before you install the PTF to make sure that the PTF loads in the correct ASP:

    Where n is the number of the ASP you want to use. Do not use this command if you want to use the default system ASP.

  5. Type the following command:

    and press the F4 prompt key. You can also choose option #7 from the INSTALL menu.

  6. The command will prompt for two values. The first is the name of the iFileAudit application library and should not be changed. The second command must contain the eight character name of the PTF Package File. When both parameters are set, press ENTER and the PTFs will be loaded and applied to your copy of iFileAudit.
  7. All Kisco PTFs are loaded so that the prior version of any program objects is saved. This will allow for the effects of a PTF to be reversed at a later time should a defect be identified in the PTF. This can only be done via direct instruction from a Kisco support representative.

During the PTF installation process, one or two printouts will be created. The first of these is the PTF Cover Letter Documentation. The second is optional and, if printed, is a fresh update of the Additional Documentation Topics for all iFileAudit changes. Kisco recommends that you read both documents before starting to use iFileAudit again.