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iResetMe : Support : Getting Started

After completing the base software installation, a recommended action list for configuring and testing iResetMe follows. This process will include additional configuration and software installation steps followed by a recommended testing sequence. The sequence presented here is covered in detail in the documentation that you obtained from the download page.

  1. Create the IRESETME HTTP server instance on your IBM i system including generating the required Digital Certificate.
  2. Activate the IRESETME HTTP server instance.
  3. Run a test email from your system using option 12 on the INSTALL menu in library IRMLIB. Resolve any issues before continuing.
  4. Enroll a few user profiles in iResetMe using option #1 on the MASTER menu in library IRMLIB. Keep in mind that the trial installation is a 25 user license.
  5. Activate one or more of the enrolled users.
  6. Complete the user activation from a browser session.
  7. Respond to the email confirmation for the user profile just registered.
  8. Disable one of the user profiles just registered.
  9. From a browser session, re-enable to disabled user profile.

At this point, you will have tested most of the major features of iResetMe. For more details on each of the above steps, including step-by-step instructions on the HTTP server create process and the Digital Certificate process, please refer to the Admin guide for iResetMe.